Countless Trees is located in Seattle and is dedicated to helping tiny trees and the lovers of tiny trees be their best and most beautiful selves. Our mission is to help bonsai trees and the people that own and love them. We also buy, sell, and service bonsai trees in the greater Seattle area. If you have an ailing tree, or you think your tree might be in need of some care or service, or if you just want to add to your personal collection or start someone else’s with the gift of bonsai, we can help.

All tree care services and maintenance operations that involve direct contact with trees are done by Maria Walton, owner of Countless Trees.

Maria Walton

Bonsai Practitioner Since 2015

Board Member – Puget Sound Bonsai Association

Student @ Bonsai Mirai with Ryan Neil

Certified Master Gardener

Horticulturalist Since 2008

BA Philosophy – Ohio State University

BA English – Ohio State University

Humble Student of Nature for Life