Bonsai Care services

🌳 All service packages come with complementary basic care 🌲 instructions for you to use as a reference between service calls

  * All new customers will receive a free estimate and assessment of your tree’s health and recommendations for an appropriate service and care plan *

Basic Service Package

  This package includes two routine maintenance service calls per year. Since the services required will vary from species to species, these will be determined based on your tree’s individual needs.   This would include services such as repotting, pruning, pinching, and pest and disease management.

~ 325 / year / tree

Intermediate service Package

*  This package includes three routine maintenance service calls per year.   This is the right package for anyone who has fussy or sensitive trees in their collection, as well as anyone who wants their trees kept cleanly pruned year-round. This package also includes our on-call service for up to two visits to assess any problems that may come up between visits.

~ 600 / tree / year

Collectors service package

*  This is the package for the collector with multiple trees and a variety of species. It includes a customizable option that allows you use your service credits in any way you like.  So for instance if you have 10 trees and two of them need service at the same time you can just use two of your service call credits to get them both done at once.  And of course, we are always here for our collectors for any problems that might arise between visits.

~ 1500 / 10 service call credits / year

A-La-Carte services

* These services may be performed alone, or in conjunction with other services.

Surface CLeaning

* Removal of old moss/surface soil to the point of friable soil or approximately 1 inch if none is visible. Should be done when there is loss of percolation or to improve air and water penetration during non-repot years.


Full Repot

* This price does NOT include the cost of any custom pot that clients may choose. If a tree requires a new pot an appropriately sized and shaped, ceramic, standard commercial production pot will be used. Price may vary for exceptionally small or large trees.

~ 150/tree

Maintenance pruning/flower removal/pinching/decandling

* Services and fees will vary based on species, specific services required, and stage of development.

~ 50-100/tree

Tree styling/wiring

* Price varies depending on whether it is an initial styling or a re-styling of a tree.

~ 50-350/tree

tree unwiring/rebar/raffia removal

* Any technical or delicate removal of styling apparatuses. 

~ 100/tree

live vein maintenance/Deadwood/lime sulfur application

Unique to junipers, this operation entails the cleaning of the deadwood and application of lime sulfur to preserve valuable deadwood. As well as; cleaning of the live-vein, inspection for and (if needed) removal of destructive and potentially fatal pine borers.

~ 500/tree

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